About us

We make unavailable data available

The process from the idea to purchase of a dream product is often a strenuous one. Hours of research, wondering if I'm spending my money wisely and getting the best. And that's our mission. We help people navigate the world of data and save them time making choices. We have developed a unique rating system that aggregates and compares millions of product information and parameters - independently, clearly and in one place.

We help you make meaningful decisions.

A bunch of geeks. One idea. Millions of data.

We make decisions all our lives. Every second we decide how our days will go on. How we'll spend our evenings, what we'll have for dinner, where we'll go on vacation. And paradoxically, the most common decisions often take the most energy. Deciding where to go to college consumes a lot of time. It was clear that, as a bunch of geeky electronics enthusiasts, one day we wouldn't be sitting behind a bank counter, but creating something.

In contrast, choosing a computer with the best price/performance ratio has always been a piece of cake for us. The days when we searched for the perfect products not only for ourselves, but also for our closest surroundings, grew more and more and then came the famous revelation:

Let's set up a global product comparison platform that saves people time and money.

Why Product in Detail?

People's buying behavior is influenced by emotions, financial capabilities, rational considerations, and details alike. It's often the details that differentiate two seemingly identical mobile phones and determine how you will choose between them. Focusing on the details is our mission, because that's what makes our unique rating algorithm work.

We explore every angle, we uncover every detail.

Independence, transparency and truthfulness

The market is literally flooded with comparison portals and it can sometimes be difficult to know what data to trust and whether it is just marketing. As an independent evaluator, we pride ourselves on complete transparency and the highest possible accuracy of data. We are open about the sources from which we draw our data and verify everything carefully.

Find out where and how we get our data

Who is behind the platform?

We are a bunch of geeks, electronics enthusiasts and innovators who believe that the world of good data is a better place to live. Our team consists of founders, data analysts, webmasters and professional copywriters. We're all different, but we all share a passion for what we do and the same vision. We shorten people's path to their dream products and cure the universal experience of decision paralysis.

Product in detail in numbers

Our information hub operates in more than 15 global markets. We collect thousands of data points daily and distribute hundreds of thousands of comparisons from them. Our team includes 10+ content specialists with an interest in consumer electronics, trends and news in this area.

Don't let your emotions decide for you. Trust the data.

Where can you find us?

We are based in the heart of Europe, in Prague, where we have our own offices. Like many companies, we've learned to operate seamlessly online in the Covid era, and many of us are part of a purely remote team from around the world. We work with colleagues from Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, France, USA, UK, Turkey and other countries.

Get in touch with us

You can contact us via email: [email protected] or let us know if you find any irregularities on the website. Want to stay in touch with us? Follow us on social media - you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter..

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